Our Valuable Staff Members

Alan MitchellExecutive Director
Alan leads the effort to help HealthEfficient members and customer health centers effectively leverage their investments in health information technology to improve operations and quality of care. He has a long-standing passion for the mission of health centers and the patients they serve.
“Every community deserves excellent healthcare, and I’m excited to be working with HealthEfficient’s talented staff, our members, and other health centers to help them have a positive, measurable impact on their patients and quality of care.”
Stephanie Rose
Stephanie RoseSenior Director of Operations
Stephanie has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare IT. Since joining HealthEfficient, she has successfully designed, implemented, and managed HIT infrastructure and support solutions in alignment with HealthEfficient’s strategic plan.
“I enjoy working with people to help them simplify processes and achieve their goals.”
Lisa Szymaszek
Lisa SzymaszekExecutive Assistant
Lisa joined HealthEfficient in 2010. She keeps the office humming, from supporting the Board, scheduling meetings, planning events and conferences. She also manages HealthEfficient’s all Human Resources responsibilities. Lisa previously worked for a non-profit in Delmar that advocated for people with developmental disabilities.
I know that all my support has an impact on many communities we serve and in doing so, I feel that I'm giving back.
Michelle Tropper
Michelle TropperDirector of Clinical Programs
Michelle joined HealthEfficient in 2015. She leads the organization’s efforts in key quality improvement (QI) activities and coordinates projects with health centers and other partners.
“I’ve always been an advocate for using clinical quality improvement data to drive high quality, cost effective, patient-focused primary care, and this is why I’m excited to be working at HealthEfficient. I’m passionate about public health and am delighted to now be in a position to put my skills to use and help people live healthier lives.”
Christopher Utman
Christopher UtmanHealth Informatics Analyst
Chris joined HealthEfficient in 2016. He is responsible for developing analysis and reports to support health centers in using data to improve the lives of their patients. He works closely with health centers to understand their information needs, and he strives to meet those needs in ways that enable them to rapidly make decisions and focus on taking care of patients.
“What gets me up in the morning is the opportunity to listen to the questions that people ask about how to make the world a better place and then to help them find evidence-based answers they can count on.”
Ryan McConkyDirector of IT

Focus more on your mission.
Spend less time on the technical stuff.

HealthEfficient is a resource for stretched-thin health centers grappling with all of the healthcare challenges of today.

We understand how critical your service is to your surrounding community. HealthEfficient is here to help you concentrate on the reasons why you’re here. To enable you to serve the public better—and maximize the quality of your care.