A HealthEfficient membership can make your health center stronger.

Becoming an HealthEfficient member can open new doors for your health center. Doors to easier governance. To better trained staff. To faster improvement. To maximum revenue. And to camaraderie with experienced peers who can help you make your facility perform beautifully. Plus, our considerable connections in the field—to vendors, insurers, technicians—means you have leverage and advocacy beyond your doors.

We’re an extension of your team.

Imagine having familiar experts available to consult whenever the need arises—for quick solutions on administrative questions like billing and compliance. Answers to technical questions about eClinicalWorks. Best practice solutions for improving efficiency and meeting requirements.

A proven, standardized training system.

Membership means a shorter learning curve for your staff. And more problem-solving power for you.

Membership Levels



Focused on you:

Our annual priorities are established by our members, so your health center will have access to timely services and education.

Peer collaboration:

HealthEfficient organizes forums where members can exchange information, benchmark performance, and access training resources. These monthly forums address a range of relevant topics.

  • Clinical/QI Committee: Focused on the promotion, adoption, and measurement of evidence-based interventions for chronic and preventive care.
  • Operations Committee: Aimed at improving health center operations, regulatory compliance, reimbursement, and financial performance.
  • IT Committee: Focused on information-sharing and education on technical requirements, best practices, and challenges associated with ongoing management of EHR/EDR/PM and reporting systems.

Dedicated training and support:

Network staff have expertise in configuration and optimal use of the eClinicalWorks and Open Dental systems, as well as the BridgeIT for eClinicalWorks reporting system. Standard and customized training, both on-site and virtual, are available for super-users and end-users. Staff have expertise in health center management and compliance, so support isn’t limited to eClinicalWorks keystrokes. We can help in many ways!

Educational events:

Virtual and in-person events are coordinated by HealthEfficient to address contemporary topics in alignment with the network’s annual priorities. Examples include training sessions for eClinicalWorks version and feature upgrades, BridgeIT toolbox upgrades, UDS preparation, and ICD-10 planning and implementation.

Opportunities for funded project participation:

HealthEfficient has a strong history of attracting funding to support collaborative improvement projects. Funding agencies respect our achievements and our stewardship in managing grants. And health centers appreciate our willingness to do as much of the heavy-lifting as possible. We understand their challenges, and we’re well positioned to secure appropriate funding sources.


Full network members appoint an executive leader to HealthEfficient’s Board of Directors to actively engage in the establishment and monitoring of strategic direction, policy, and performance of the organization.

If you’d like to talk more about the benefits of membership, please call Executive Director, Alan Mitchell at 551-235-3090 or email us.